Among others, Nursing is one choice for girls to be carrier oriented. In modern world, the scope of nursing has become very broad. Now-a-days, nurses are getting more opportunities at national & international levels.

Nepal, besides facing the health problems as any others country, also has its own specific difficulties in solving their problems. While there is a huge mass of unfinished agenda to deal with, newer challenges are emerging. These challenges need to be faced from diverse sectors & angles. 

In any strategy to cope with health problems, production of appropriate human resource is the common denominator and can not be avoided. Therefor more important is to be produce adequate number of mid-level health professional needed at all level of health care delivery system.

“Health isWealth”, is will be proved if each and every people are the nation must behealthy to make their nation healthy. Health mainly deals with mentally,physically, Spiritaully Fit without and deformity. It is possible when peopleare aware of meaning of health. Awareness of health is given by healthprofessional.

In this context,initially member of the college management committee embarked on the enormoustask of nursing education for the country. To Fulfill the demand of nation NMTNursing College is established in this industrial district- Hetauda underaffiliation of CTEVT and ccredited by Nepal Nursing Council.

It is situated atthe heart of the Hetauda. It is nurtured and cared by warm & beautifullyflowered greenish environment of hills, Rapti River and protected byManakamana. It will produce Staff Nurse who has sound knowledge and skill. Theywill be able to work at any level with compete professional skill in hospitalas well as in community with feeling of full responsibilities.


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