CTEVT has categorized the forty seats in the following ways:

Open – 34
Classified – 2
ANM – 4
Total Seat – 40


Student must pass SLC.
Student must have at least 45% in SLC.
Student must be female.
Student must be mentally, physically fit.
Student must be in merit list of entrance result published by CTEVT.


Student will be selected for the admission through the Entrace exam conducted by the CTEVT.
Written test will be taken of following subject; Math, Englsih and Science.
Total wt. of marks of written test is 150.

Course Duration

PCL Nursing has 3 years academic course. Students must complete the 3 years successfully and Certificate of Completion will be awarded by the CTEVT.

Evaluation System

Enrolled students are evaluated through three internal examination (Theory/Practical) based on written and performance in clinical. Besides it, unit test is taken each completion of unit. Note: it is essential to pass all the three internal exams with 40% mark in theory & 50% mark in clinical & must have more then 80% attendance in each subject as well as 100% attendance in clinical in order to be qualified for the final exam conducted by the CTEVT.


Ratna Guragain
Campus Chief (BN with 12 years experience)

Ganga Kumari Dahal
Ast. Lect. (BN with 5 years experience)

Mana Maya Tamang
Ast. Lect. (BN with 5 years experience)

Shristi Rana
Co-ordinator 1st year Ast. Lect.(BSN with 4years experience)

Shova Shrestha
Co-ordinator 2nd year
Ast. Lect. (BN with 4 years experience)

Anita Shrestha
Ast. Lect.( BSN with 3 years experience)

Dipika Shrestha
Ast. Lect. (BSN with 3 years experience)

Nisha Koirala
Ast. Lect. (BN with 2 years experience)

Remika Sapkota
Ast. Lect. (BSN with 2 years experience)

Paul Pokhrel
Ast. Lect. (BN with 2 years experience)


Dr. Pradip Shribastav
MD. with 10years experience

Kunta Dahal
MPH with 7years experience